10 Best Android Apps To Automate Tasks

Our telephones at the moment are referred to as ‘Smart’ for a reason. Smartphones running on Android and iOS cellular operating procedures can do many stuff you may have certainly not expected. If we glance around, we are able to uncover that technology round us is evolving at a rapid pace. Nowadays, our smartphones are succesful sufficient to manage intricate and diverse things simultaneously.

If we communicate chiefly approximately Android, you will find apps on the Google Play Shop for various purposes. Some apps can make your life much more comfortable, like automation apps. Those are the apps that assist users to automate exceptional tasks on Android smartphones.

In this article, we have decided to share a catalogue of the best Android apps that can help you automate exceptional tasks. Those apps provide shortcuts, configurations, triggers, and rules to help you get extra out of your Android smartphone.

List of 10 Best Android Apps To Automate Tasks

Before exploring the list, please remember that most of the article’s apps paintings on non-rooted devices, yet if you have a rooted device, you can explore some hidden features. So, let’s discover the record of finest Android apps to automate tasks.

1. aProfiles

Well, aProfiles is a touch bit exceptional than all others indexed in the article. In this app, you need to create a profile and assign tasks. You can change diverse gadget settings by means of activating a profile.

For example, you could switch on a profile to modify the phone to silent, lower display brightness, and switch off the information superhighway connection in just one tap.


IFTTT is not exactly an Android automation app, yet it’s going to allow you to attach over 630 apps to paintings together. For example, you could set create an automation task to backup your Android photos to social networking sites automatically.

Similarly, you could automate the method of backing up important files, photos, and contacts to cloud storage services.

3. SkipLock

Skiplock used to be a premium app, but after receiving a lot of aid from users, it become made loose for everyone. It’s a easy app that lets you skip past the lock display screen whilst connected to a designated WiFi.

That means that you now not have to enter your lock screen password anytime linked to a group WiFi or Bluetooth device.

4. Tasker

Tasker is by using a ways the best and so much improved Android automation app accessible at the Google Play Store. With root access, Tasker can manage the software, hardware, and distinct features of Android.

What’s extra interesting is that Tasker allows clients to create triggers to release particular apps, widgets, and other features automatically. Correct now, Tasker has over two hundred plugins to do unique tasks.

5. AutomateIt

It is likely one of the best and finest automation apps you can use in your Android smartphone. With AutomateIt, you can easily create rules to accomplish exceptional obligations like sending SMS once you reach particular GPS locations, launching the app while linked to any specific WiFi, etc.

6. MacroDroid

Well, MacroDroid is yet another ideal choice within the list you may consider to automate Android tasks. On MacroDroid, you would like to create customized macros to accomplish specific actions. You may also make a choice from thousands of built-in macros as well.

The app works on the two rooted and non-rooted devices, and it’s the best Android automation app that you may use right now.

7. Name Recorder – ACR

Ever desired to list telephone calls automatically? If yes, then you wish to give Call Recorder – ACR a try. Wager what? Name Recorder – ACR allows users to automate the whole name recording process. The app acquired the power to list both incoming and outgoing calls in your Android smartphone.

8. Automate

As the app’s call says, the Automate Android app allows users to automate a number of obligations on Android smartphones or tablets. Like every different Android automation app, Automate also facilitates users to create a flowchart to accomplish unique tasks.

For instance, you can create your automation to change audio volume, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, sending SMS, etc.

9. RuleBot: Automation

Droid Automation is another best event-driven assignment scheduler app for Android that permits you to automate repetitive tasks. Compared to all other apps indexed in the article, Droid Automation is lightweight and fantastically easy to use.

To put specific tasks in automation mode, you need to create a profile, add tasks, and choose the triggers.

10. Power Automate

Power Automate from Microsoft is one more finest Android automation app that you could use correct now. In contrast to all different apps, Power Automate is meant to assist your business workflows.

For instance, you can set the app to provide you with a warning once you receive an email from any specific contacts; you could select to list your work hours, etc.

So, those are the finest Android automation apps that you may use correct now. If you know of any other such apps, tell us in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.