10 Best Apps To Combine Videos On Android In 2022

Most new smartphones arriving recently have almost two or three cameras. Modern Android smartphones can record magnificent video clips with terrific body rates, but still, repeatedly we suppose the desire for a video modifying app.

Smartphones don’t generally deliver with a succesful video modifying app, yet there’s no scarcity of it on the Google Play Store. This article is going to share some Android apps that would help you integrate videos on Android. Apart from combining videos, these video enhancing apps should help with different enhancing stuff.

List of 10 Best Apps To Combine Videos On Android

This article will share the finest Android apps which can help you combine movies on Android.

1. KineMaster

Well, KineMaster is most probably the best and most efficient video editor and video maker app available for Android smartphones. The advantage of KineMaster is that it gives all sorts of modifying tools to edit movies professionally.

With this app, you can integrate numerous layers of videos, images, exceptional effects, and more. Yes, it can be used to combine numerous video clips as well. Overall, KineMaster is a good video enhancing program for Android.


It is among the finest and most well known video editing app available for Android devices. It’s developed by using an analogous crew behind InShot Video editor.

If we talk concerning the features of Youcut, the app can be utilized to feature cool filters, consequences among clips. No longer merely that, yet Youcut can be utilized to trim, combine, upload text or emojis to the videos.

3. Filmora Go

This app is for those searching for an easy-to-use and unfastened video modifying app to create videos for social networking structures and YouTube.

With Filmora Go, you can accelerate or decelerate any portion of the video, add traditional transitions inclusive of dissolve, wipe, etc. Except that, you may also add, trim and mix two movies into one with Filmora Go.

4. ActionDirector

It is a full-fledged video modifying app available on the Google Play Shop that’s now used by millions of users. With ActionDirector, you may record a new video or edit the prevailing ones.

You can even speed up or slow down any part of the video, upload textual content effects, upload transition effects, upload overlays & filters, etc. Some effortless video enhancing functions of ActionDirector include trimming, cutting, combining videos, adding soundtracks, etc.

5. Video Merge

As the app’s call says, Video Merge is a video editing app that focuses in basic terms on one objective – combining assorted video clips into a unmarried one. It enables clients to merge movies in easy steps; simply choose two videos, and the app will merge in a side-by-side style.

The app does the video processing aspect in the historical past devoid of affecting your device’s performance.

6. VEdit Video Cutter and Merger

Well, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and effective technique to reduce and merge movies on Android, then VEdit Video Cutter and Merger perhaps the best decide on for you.

Guess what? VEdit Video Cutter and Merger is a really easy app to use, and it has loads of features. For instance, you may merge an unlimited variety of video documents into one; you can convert your audio, etc.

7. VMER Video Merger Joiner Free

As the app’s call says, VMER Video Merger Joiner Unfastened is an application that allows you to merge assorted videos into one. The benefit of VMER Video Merger Joiner Free is that it supports quite a lot of video formats with exclusive body rates, body sizes, and audio rates.

Compared to all other applications on the list, VMER Video Merger Joiner Loose is much less complicated to use, and it’s favourite for its appealing UI.

8. AndroVid

AndroVid is a full-fledged video and image enhancing program accessible on the Google Play Store. Compared to all other video enhancing apps, AndroVid is less complicated to use.

With AndroVid, you can easily trim and reduce video clips into parts, merge numerous videos, and more. The app additionally helps you to add text, music, stickers to a video.

9. Video Editor

It is likely one of the most popular video editing app accessible on the Google Play Store. The Android video enhancing app gives many capabilities like loose filters, transition effects, slow-motion effects, etc. Except that, it is additionally used to cut, merge, and break up video files.

10. VidTrim – Video Editor

VidTrim is one more best app on the list that permits you to trim, merge and follow video consequences to any particular video. What makes VidTrim extra beneficial is that it may extract audio from any video.

Apart from that, VidTrim also gives some transcoding thoughts like changing video clips to MP4, resizing the size, or compressing the videos.

So, these are the finest Android apps to mix videos on Android. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the remark box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your mates also.