10 Best Apps To Customize Any Android Phone

It’s little question that Android is right now the most well liked mobile working system. When compared with each other mobile working system, Android offers users with far more features and customization options.

Since it’s a highly customizable working system, apps associated to customizations have been additionally high. You’ll uncover countless apps on the Google Play Shop for customizations. During this article, we’ve decided to share a list of the finest customizations apps for Android.

List of 10 Best Apps To Customize Any Android Phone

With those apps, you could easily change your Android’s person interface and more. So, let’s look at the best apps to customise your Android device.

1. Launcher Apps

Well, Launcher apps are anything that may transform the look of your Android smartphone. There are literally thousands of Android Launcher apps accessible at the Google Play Store, and each of them comes with its possess exclusive sets of features.

You can set up Nova Launcher to customise your Android since it provides clients with loads of customization options. With Nova Launcher, you may upload transition effects, add new icons, add your text, etc.

2. Get an Icon Pack

Just like Android Launcher apps, there are hundreds of Icon Packs available on the Google Play Store. After installation a launcher, the subsequent component that you will possibly need is an icon pack because any launcher is incomplete if your home screen shows the historic icons.

We have shared a list of the finest unfastened icon packs for Android which could assist you to select your prominent icon pack.

3. Navbar Apps

Navbar Apps is definitely one of the best Android apps to transform the navigation bar. With Navbar Apps, you can make your navigation bar blue, red, or whatsoever you want. Also, the app allows you to add a cool photograph as a navigation bar background.

The app is entirely loose to use, and it’s the best Android customization app that you can use today.

4. Muviz

Muviz is probably the cool apps that you could have in your Android device. The Android customization app adds a song visualizer on your Phone’s navigation bar or the Fame bar.

What’s more fascinating is that the app will give you hundreds of visualizer designs to select from. Also, the layout catalog is up-to-date nearly each day.

5. Energy Bar

This app adds a battery point indicated right at the properly of your screen. The beauty of the Power bar is that it really works on a non-rooted Android smartphone, and it reveals many of the crucial information concerning Android’s battery.

For example, the battery indicator will exhibit you the way much time is left, how a lot the battery has been charged, etc.

6. Backside Rapid Settings

If you find notifications and speedy settings tough to reach with one hand on the properly of the screen, then you need to provide this app a try. The app provides a smooth, fast, and local feeling Android styled notification panel on the backside of the screen.

So, with Backside Rapid Settings, you may pass your device’s repute bar to the bottom of the screen. Not simply that, but Bottom Quick Settings also allows the person to customize the notification panel.

7. Cornerfly

Most of the recent Android smartphones arriving these days have rounded corners on their exhibit for a much smoother look. On the way to upload rounded corners for your display, you would like to use the Cornerfly Android app.

The app is easy to use, and it just provides a rounded corner on your display. Apart from that, it additionally offers users some thoughts to customise the rounded corners as well.

8. Stylish

Well, Elegant is a full-fledged customization app for Android smartphones. The beauty of the app is that it lets you create your own unique experience on Android with custom settings.

With this app, you can customise the navigation bar, swap colors, difference icons, swap backgrounds, add custom battery indicators, etc.

9. Manage Core Android 12 Style

Control Center Android 12 Style is a brand new app that brings Android 12 variety notification shutter in your Android. The sole draw back of the app is that it has loads of bugs.

Sometimes, the notification toggles don’t work. It’s is probably not the best Android customization app, but it’s worth a try.

10. Muviz Edge

Want to have the Edge lights function which you see on top rate smartphones? If yes, then deliver Muviz Edge a try. Muviz Edge exhibits a stay song virtualizer around the edges of your screen.

The edges are obvious if you’re hearing song from your admired track apps. You may additionally customise the Edge lights designs, difference the colors, etc.

So, those are the best apps to customize your Android in your own style. If you know of the other Android customization apps like these, please drop the call within the comment field below. I’m hoping this article helped you! Please share it with your mates also.