10 Best Free Folder Lock Apps For Android In 2022

Let’s admit; that we shop lots of significant documents and folders on our Android smartphones. Seeing that Android is immediately the most well liked cellular operating system, it’s additionally a primary target of hackers. Hackers are attempting their best to crack into the platform. Reason why security researchers suggest safety apps.

When we listen about safety apps, we necessarily think about Antivirus tools. Antivirus apps on Android are a much-needed thing, but they can’t give you complete protection. What in regards to the documents and folders that you’ve saved in your device? Have you ever taken any steps to guard them? Usually, we don’t care about important documents and folders, but they are first thing hackers target.

List of Best Loose Folder Lock Apps For Android

This article will share the various best dossier and folder lockers for Android devices. These dossier lockers will allow you to password-protect any necessary files or folders. So, let’s discover the list of best documents and folder lockers for Android.

1. Folder Lock

Folder Lock is likely one of the optimal Android safety apps accessible on the Google Play Store. It is an app that password-protects your files, photos, videos, documents, contacts, and each different dossier type.

With the top rate version of Folder Lock, you additionally get the cloud backup function to safe your important documents and folders. Except that, Folder Lock also got a WiFi dossier transfer tool that allows you to transfer documents and folders among Android devices.

2. Wise Conceal Calculator

It is definitely one of the finest safety equipment you would love to use. It’s a full-fledged calculator app that has a touch twist. Wise Hide Calculator offers a vault that can be opened when you input the password.

In this way, everyone will contemplate the Shrewd Hide Calculator is a simple calculator app. The app doesn’t need a rooted Android gadget to work, and it works first-class on Android edition 4.2 and above.

3. FileSafe

FileSafe is not precisely a folder lock app; instead, it’s a full-fledged dossier supervisor app with file/folder hiding capabilities. On the grounds that it’s a full-fledged dossier manager app, FileSafe replaces your phone’s native dossier manager app and allows you to lock your important files with a password or PIN code.

Apart from file management and dossier locking features, FileSafe additionally has a built-in photograph viewer and media player.

4. Safe Folder

This is a folder lock app from Samsung meant to guard your significant files and folders. Secure folder leverages the defense-grade Samsung Knox safety platform to protect your necessary documents from prying eyes.

The app’s purely downside is that it is intended to paintings only on Samsung smartphones. So, in case you don’t have a Samsung phone, it’s finest to skip this app.

5. Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault is well-nigh equivalent to the Wise Hide Calculator that have been indexed above. At the surface, it’s a full-fledged calculator app, but from the inside, it’s a password-protected vault.

To entry the vault, you would like to enter the passcode on the calculator interface. You can shop nearly each file kind on the password-protected vault. You may even conceal applications and files with Calculator Vault.

6. Secure Folder Vault App Lock

The app is fairly new, at least when compared with all others listed within the article. Secure Folder Vault is a vault app for Android. It gives a password-protected vault that can be used to store significant files and folders. The app is also used to password defend apps.

7. Dossier locker

If you’re searching for the best way to create a secure region on your gadget to shop and preserve your such a lot significant files and folders, then a File locker maybe the finest decide on for you.

With File locker, you could password-protect your files, including photos, videos, documents, contacts, notes, and audio recordings.

8. Norton App Lock

Like each different app, Norton App Lock facilitates clients to feature PIN, Password, or pattern lock display safety to guard and lock apps.

Apart from just locking the apps, Norton App Lock is additionally used to password-protect folders. Therefore, Norton App Lock is one more finest free folder lock app that you could use in your Android smartphone.

9. App Lock

App Lock is a privacy protection app for Android. The app protects your privacy with patterns, fingerprints, password lock, and more.

You can’t lock folders with App Lock, yet you may hide your pictures and videos, lock all apps, and more. It additionally will give you a personal browser that permits you to browse incognito with out leaving any traces.

10. Filecrypt

If you are searching for an Android app to fasten your files and folders, appear no other than Filecrypt. It’s essentially a vault-app that allows you to lock apps, photos, documents & folders at the back of a PIN and Fingerprint.

Filecrypt also provide you with a few features to prevent detection, inclusive of Fake crash, Clock passwords, false login, intruder selfies, and more.

So, those are the finest Android apps to lock your documents and folders. These apps will help you password-protect any documents and folders stored on your device. If you recognize of the other apps like these, tell us within the remark field below. I am hoping this text helped you! Please share it with your friends also.