10 Best Night Mode Apps For Android In 2022 Blue Light Filter

Let’s admit it, the technologies around us is evolving rapidly. These days, people desire smartphones and computer systems to do their daily work. In fact, we are actually dependent extra on our smartphones than computers.

Using smartphones and computers isn’t a bad thing. But, overusing those instruments can damage your eyes because of the blue easy emitted from the screen. Blue Easy emits from digital contraptions forces our mind cells to imagine it’s daytime.

So, over utilization of a smartphone can adversely affect your eye health. However, the good aspect is that you may take a few precautions to lessen the attention damage, and the best to get began is by way of utilizing the Blue Gentle filter out apps. This article will discuss a number of the best blue mild filter apps for Android that you may use today.

List of 10 Best Night Mode Apps for Android

Below are the apps to lessen eye pressure and keep battery life. So have a look at all these apps below.

1. Night time Owl

Night Owl is among the amazing Android apps that filters out the blue easy emitted from the cellphone screen. Apart from emitting blue light, it additionally reduces the brightness of your phone’s screen.

This app is simple to use, and you can manually agenda the start and stop time. Overall, it is a super blue gentle clear out app for Android.


If you’re searching for a unfastened Android app to dam the blue mild and regulate the screen’s brightness, seem no other than HALO.

It permits you to flip on the blue easy clear out and lets you regulate its intensity and brightness. As soon as installed, HALO adds a shortcut icon in the notification area, allowing you to enable/disable the blue mild function easily.

3. Twilight

Twilight is a famous and finest night time mode app at the Google Play Store. It’s a blue easy clear out app that filters the flux of blue easy emitted from your cellphone screen.

Limiting the blue mild ensures higher eye wellbeing and fitness and decreased eye irritation, particularly at night. In addition, the app works great with every type of screen, including AMOLED displays.

4. Darker (Screen Filter)

Well, if you are looking for an Android app which can let you decrease your phone’s display screen brightness to totally low levels, then seem no except Darker (Screen Filter).

It’s a free, lightweight Android program accessible on the Google Play Store that reduces your eye strains by using lessening your screen’s brilliance. The app works great with every style of display, and it also enables you to apply color filters.

5. Blue Easy Clear out – Night time Mode

Health experts have confirmed that blue easy affects a person’s sleep quality. The Blue Gentle Clear out Android app promises to reduce the blue mild emitted out of your telephone screen.

Reducing the blue gentle also permits you to regulate the filter intensity, save power, and dim the display to the utmost level. The app is loose to download & use and doesn’t even exhibit any ads.

6. f.lux (preview, root-only)

Well, f.lux is a most efficient Windows 10’s blue easy emitter app. However, it failed to depart its mark on Android. Still, the f.lux app is available for free on the Google Play Store, and you can give it a try.

The worst aspect about the f.lux app is that it requires root access to work; otherwise, it is useless. In case you have a rooted device, you can supply f.lux a try out in your smartphone.

7. CF.lumen

This is an extra finest Android blue easy clear out at the record that adapts the colors on your Android device according to the sun’s situation or your customized configuration.

The well thing is that it really works on each edition of Android. In addition, it gives dissimilar colour filters, and each clear out is customizable.

8. Night time screen

The night time screen’s valuable goal is to decrease your screen’s brightness than you may obtain with the default settings. This program applies an overlay filter out that acts as a dimmer to darken the screen.

It facilitates restrict headaches and eye discomfort in a gloomy environment or at night. The app is accessible for free, and it doesn’t show any ads.

9. sFilter

Sfilter is an app that provides a Blue Mild clear out or Night mode on your Android smartphone. The fantastic thing about sFilter is that it gives 12 exceptional colours to make a choice from in an optimized filter.

Not only that, however the app additionally offers a variety of features, like you may modify the colour balance from the notification bar, navigation bar, etc. The app is loose to use and doesn’t show any ads.

10. Nighttime (Night Mode)

Midnight (Night Mode) is one other super Night Mode and Blue easy filter out app you would love. The app is designed to prevent eye fatigue.

The app greatly reduces eye strain by way of exchanging the colour temperature of your phone’s display. It truly is more like a Bluelight clear out app that adds a screen clear out on top of your screen.

Besides decreasing the eyestrain, Midnight (Night Mode) additionally substantially saves the battery life. The app can keep even more battery existence if your telephone has an AMOLED display.

So, those are the best Bluelight clear out apps for Android. With those apps, you could easily cut down the blue mild emitted from telephone screens. If you know of alternative such apps, let us know in the comment box below.