10 Best Safety Apps You Must Have On Your Android Device

Just presume a situation in which you’re alone, touring to a desirable area in an isolated bus, and confronted an awful situation. Let’s take a different example – You are in a Taxi, and the driver is taking incorrect turns and driving to the incorrect place. At that time, we can’t give some thought to much except contacting your close ones.

Nowadays, technology is advancing rapidly, and we’ve the freedom to share live destinations by means of immediate messaging apps. However, what in case you don’t have an internet connection? Look, prevention is necessarily better than cure, and there are particular matters that you wish to consider to counter such situations.

List of 10 Best Security Apps For Android Device

Since we all have an Android smartphone, first thing you can do is set up security apps. There are many Android safety apps available at the Google Play Store, and here we are able to record some of them. So, let’s look at the best safety apps for Android.

1. Grannus

Well, Grannus is a Females and Toddler safety application for Android available at the Google Play Store. The app is part of a social association that strengthens women’s safety, baby safety, and medical emergency. It’s a less popular app, but it should help in dissimilar ways. It’s an app that every woman and affected person with clinical files ought to have.

2. iSharing

iSharing is a GPS-based area tracking app made to connect you together with your family members. Like each other location tracker, iSharing additionally makes use of your phone’s GPS feature to share your real-time location with your household members. You may also set the app to accept real-time alerts whilst a family member arrives or leaves a destination. The app may be used to trace misplaced or stolen smartphones.

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Well, WhatsApp Messenger will not be a security or safety app, but it may help in fundamental situations. Now not simply WhatsApp Messenger, but any immediate messaging app could also work. We have listed WhatsApp due to the fact it’s extra famous and utilized by almost everyone. The app lets you connect with your pals and relations by means of voice chat, video, and voice call. Additionally, WhatsApp lets to share your real-time area along with your friends.

4. bSafe- Personal Safety App

It’s an Android app that guarantees your everyday safety. The app is primarily meant to keep you in touch with your pals 24/7. The beauty of bSafe is that it packs lots of necessary functions for real emergencies and safety. It additionally has a GPS tracking characteristic that allows your pals observe down your real-time location.

5. Life360 Household Locator App

This is the finest app for private safety and is among the Finest Safety App for Android. This app permits you to create circles, add people to them, and examine their locations on a exclusive map that may be of your family members. During this way, you may necessarily keep track of your relations and ensure that they’re safe. Also, you can share your area with them or ship an alert to your circle participants at any instance.

6. Google Uncover My Device

With Google Uncover My Device, you could soon stumble on your misplaced Android smartphone. The capabilities come integrated with such a lot Android smartphones, but you could install the standalone app if it’s not accessible at the device. The app allows you to see your phone, tablet, or watch on a map. You may see the present vicinity or see the last primary location. In case your phone is stolen, you may make use of the Google Discover My Gadget service to erase data and lock your device.

7. Earthquake -American Purple Cross

The app notifies you of any current and upcoming earthquake tremors. The app may well be effortless to anybody who lives in an earthquake-prone area. It tells you of an earthquake before, permitting you to prepare your family and home from any disaster. So, it’s a different best security app that you should have in your Android device.

8. Earthquake Alert!

It is the finest app to get notifications while an earthquake occurs, train your family and home, uncover help, and allow others understand you are safe. You can share your reports in case you felt it to USGS. The app is pretty much resembling the Earthquake -American Red Pass that has been indexed simply above.

9. Private Safety

Personal Safety from Google is another finest safety app that you can use right now. However, the app’s purely drawback is that it’s suitable with Pixel contraptions only. If you have a Pixel smartphone, you can share your real-time area along with your emergency contacts, set up a time to your telephone to substantiate if you’re safe, get notifications about natural mess ups and public emergencies, and more.

10. S Health

The app offers middle capabilities to maintain your physique healthy and healthy. It will record and examine your day-by-day activities and habits to maintain a successful food plan and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is a superb app for safety because users can look for their health concerns and get applicable results.

So above are the Best Security Apps For Android. Those apps can help in lots of cases, like in any clinical emergency, abuses on women, or in accidents. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your mates also.