10 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android In 2022

Do you know that prolonged use of smartphones can increase extreme future health issues? The bright monitors of smartphones straight impact eye health, and this is why we usually have headaches and eye pain whilst watching movies, particularly at night.

However, to manage eye problems, various Blue Gentle filter out apps are available on the Google Play Store. Blue Easy clear out apps upload a color overlay on the good of the screen, decreasing eye strain.

However, blue easy filters by myself can’t preserve your eyes due to the fact we ought to handle the brightness. The Android working system enables users to toggle the brightness level, yet clients can purely decrease the brightness level to a few extent.

List of 10 Best Display Dimmer Apps For Android

To cut down Android display brightness to under the minimum limit, users need to use the Display dimmer app. There are plenty of Android screen dimmer apps accessible on the Google Play Store, and right here we have indexed merely the finest ones. So, let’s assess out.

1. sFilter

sFilter is an Android app designed to dam the blue gentle emitted out of your phone’s screen. Whilst it’s a blue easy filter app, it also has a function that dims your phone’s screen. The app provides you with 18 unique color filters to select from, and it also gives a widget.

The app is extraordinarily lightweight, and it wishes lower than 10MB of garage for installation. Overall, sFilter is an excellent display screen dimmer and Bluelight clear out app that you can use right now.

2. My Display Dimmer

My Display screen Dimmer is an Android app designed to protect your eyes in dark environments. The screen dimmer app for Android can reduce the brightness of your display screen lower than what you can achieve with the stock settings.

Apart from decreasing your screen’s brightness, My Screen Dimmer also provides you with a Do Now not Disturb mode. The app additionally brings a widget that you may use to turn on and off the display screen dimmer in only a single tap.

3. Screen Filter

Are you looking for an app to reduce Android screen brightness to lower than the Minimum Limit? It’d be finest in case you gave Screen Clear out a try.

Screen Filter is a straightforward Android app that applies a coloration that acts as a dimmer to make sure your eyes don’t hurt. The app additionally offers a house screen widget that lets you quickly access the brightness presets.

4. Dimmer

Dimmer is a different excellent Android app on the list that may also help to protect your eyes in a gloomy environment. The app is simple, intuitive, and beneficial because it allows users to decrease the screen brightness below the minimal limit.

What makes the app more mind-blowing is its capability to instantly dim and brighten the display according to the environment.

5. Darker (Screen Filter)

Well, Darker is a touch bit one-of-a-kind compared to different display screen dimmers. The app can lower your display screen brightness to poor levels to prevent eye strain, especially at night.

Also, it has a built-in color clear out to adjust the color intensity. That means you could use the app to filter out the Bluelight as well.

6. Night time Owl

Night Owl is among the best display screen dimmer for Android that you may use today. The app is built in the event you have hindrance falling asleep after looking at the phone’s display for a protracted time.

The app successfully filters out the blue easy emitted from the telephone screen. Also, it allows you to cut down the display brightness to below what you obtain with the default settings.

7. Blue Easy Filter

Blue Gentle Filter Android app is in the event you have problem drowsing after looking the telephone screen. Despite the fact the app reduces the blue light emitting from your smartphone screen, it may dim the Android screen.

The great thing about Blue Easy Filter out is that it allows users to regulate the filter out depth as in step with their needs.

8. CF.lumen

CF.lumen is among the finest and prime eye care apps that you could use in your Android smartphone. The finest thing approximately CF.lumen is that it immediately adapts on your Android device’s colorations in line with the sun’s position.

Users can also set their own customized configuration as well. So, it instantly dims the smartphone’s screen at night.

9. Night screen

Well, Night time screen is definitely one of the best Android display screen dimmer apps available on the Play Store that may cut down the brightness of your display below you may obtain with the default settings.

Night display is a very light-weight program and is so easy to use. It additionally has a blue gentle filter out that will help you have a better sleep.

10. Twilight

Twilight isn’t exactly a screen dimmer app, however it in some way reduces the brightness intensity of your screen. The app makes your device display screen adapt to the time of the day.

When Twilight is active, it filters the flux of blue light emitted through your cellphone after sundown and protects your eyes with a gentle red filter. You may manually adjust the filter out intensity.

So, those are the finest screen dimmer apps for Android. You could use those unfastened display screen dimmer apps to lower the brightness of your Android screen. If you know of any other such apps, tell us in the remark field below.