10 Best Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android In 2022

The instant messaging apps offer a few security features like end-to-end encryption, but it fails to provide security for the chats saved on your device. For instance, your kin can effortlessly read WhatsApp chats if you share your cellphone often.

To manage such issues, users can use app lockers, making others think suspicious. It’s in which the self-destructing messaging apps come into play.

If we talk mainly approximately Android, numerous self-destructing messaging apps are accessible on the Google Play Store that instantly deletes the messages as soon as they are study or after a collection time.

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List of 10 Best Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

This article will share a listing of the best Android self-destructing messaging apps that may wreck messages automatically. So, let’s explore the best self-destructing messaging apps.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat turned into the 1st app to come up with the self-destruct message idea. So, it merits to be at the correct of the list. It’s an image-sharing platform where you may click, edit, and share pictures and quick clips.

The app facilitates users to send short text messages that were immediately deleted once study via the recipient. Apart from that, Snapchat gives clients many different useful functions together with making a public profile, Snap streak, and more.

2. Telegram

Telegram is definitely one of the finest and optimal immediate messaging apps available for Android and iOS devices. Telegram’s great point is that it has many security features like screenshot protection, self-destructing messages, end-to-end encryption, etc.

To send a self-destruct message on Telegram, clients must start a ‘New secret chat’ session. In the key chat session, the messages have been covered with end-to-end encryption and feature a self-destruct timer.

3. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is a different best and foremost private messaging app available at the Google Play Store. The beauty of Wickr I is that it hosts numerous necessary safety features like device-to-device encryption, private groups, confidential chat session, etc.

Apart from that, Wickr Me additionally offers a configurable Expiration timer to set the expiration time on all messaging content.

4. Confide

If you seek for a messenger app through keeping safety in mind, you wish to offer Confide a try. Bet what? Confide has already impressed plenty of users with its security features.

The messages you convert using Confide are end-to-end encrypted, and it destroys the messages as soon as they’re read. Apart from that, Confide’s other safety features include screenshot protection, retract despatched messages, etc.

5. Disguise Me

Cover Me is somewhat different than all different apps indexed in the article. With the intention to send textual content messages, Disguise Me provides you with a real US or Canada telephone number. Apart from that, Cover Me also supports Wifi calling capabilities using the disposable burner line.

When it involves the self-destructing message features, you could set the app to delete the sent messages once they’re examine automatically. You even get the ability to wipe or recollect messages that haven’t been examine yet.

6. WhatsApp

When it comes to the best instant messaging app for Android, WhatsApp is the finest choice. The moment messaging app additionally gives voice calling, video calling, and file-sharing features.

Recently, WhatsApp announced a disappearing message feature that works in a 7-day time frame. You can permit the feature from the app settings. As soon as enabled, each despatched message will be eliminated after seven days.

The latest edition of WhatsApp also has a View As soon as function that enables clients to ship photographs to chats & agencies that can be seen once.

7. Dust

It’s one other best and ultimate Android messaging app that you could use today. It has many particular functions compared to different messaging apps like you may remember any message, observe if a screenshot is taken, auto-delete message after 24 hours, etc.

8. Privacy Messenger

Well, it’s a personal messenger app that’s accessible on the Google Play Store. The messenger app has every thing to switch the inventory messages.

It has a private box wherein you could shop your exclusive messages. Not merely that, however it additionally has an SMS blocker and self-destructing messages features.

9. Messenger

Messenger is another best app at the list which lately introduced new self-destruct messaging features. It’s enormously easy to ship Disappearing messages with Fb Messenger.

For that, you would like to open a Secret Communication and set the timer duration. The feature labored quite good on our testing. Here’s how you may Send Disappearing Messages In Fb Messenger.

10. Sign Private Messenger

If you’re searching for a privacy-focused exclusive messaging app for Android, then Signal Private Messenger maybe the finest pick for you. Sign App offers instant messaging, HD Voice, and video calling options.

Signal Exclusive Messenger also permits you to send disappearing messages that auto-expires after a pre-specified time. So one can recognize a way to ship disappearing messages on Signal, look into the guide – How to Send Disappearing Messages On Sign Private Messenger.

So, these are the finest self-destructing message apps for Android that you may use correct now. If you recognize of any other such apps, let us know in the remark field below. I am hoping this text helped you! Please share it with your friends also.