How To Lock Specific Apps In Windows 10

If you’ve a shared computer, or if your friends & relatives on occasion use your PC, then its finest to keep your own apps locked. With the aid of locking apps, you don’t have got to worry approximately any unauthorized access for your in demand apps.

There are multiple easy methods to lock apps in Home windows 10. You could use any third-party app lockers for Windows 10 to lock Windows 10 apps and software. In this article, we are going to share some finest techniques that would let you lock particular apps in Windows 10.

Using My Lockbox

My Lockbox is sincerely a folder locker app, however it works with apps also. You simply need to select the folder where the app or software is set up and it is going to lock both the folder and the app. Here’s how to use My Lockbox.

Step 1. First of all, on your Windows 10 PC, download and install the app My Lockbox software.

Step 2. After installation this app, release the app. The device will ask you to hooked up a password and that will be for locking the apps you want. Also, you would like to hooked up the password trace and recuperation e-mail address.

Hooked up a password

Step 3. Now click at the Browse selection and there you would like to select the folder where the app is installed. To fasten all apps set up in the technique installing drive, enter the path –  C:Program Files (x86). You simply have to discover the folder wherein the app is installed.

Discover the app installation folder

Step 4. Now the app gets locked and whenever anyone will attempt to access the app, it’s going to get the error message.

Lock Apps In Home windows 10

Step 5. And now if you want to access that app then certainly navigate to My Lockbox control panel and then click on at the “Unlock” button. You would like to go into the unlock password to unlock the app.

To release the app, enter the password and click on on ‘Ok’

That’s it, you are done! It really is how you can use My Lockbox to fasten apps in Windows 10 computer.

Other Tools That Will Be Helpful:

Just like My Lockbox, there are many different folder & app lockers accessible for Windows. With the Folder locker, you need to select the app setting up folder. On the app lockers, you would like to select the apps. Below, we’ve shared some useful App & folder locker equipment for Windows.

1. Folder Guard

Folder Guard

You can use this device to manage access to files, folders, and other Windows resources. You could use Folder Guard to lock your own files & folders with passwords. With Folder Guard, you could totally disguise your private folders from all applications, and such folders would remain invisible till you input a valid password.

2. GiliSoft EXE Lock

GiliSoft EXE Lock

Well, GiliSoft Exe Lock – a strong device that gives an easy, convenient, and effective manner to protect an executable program. The equipment is relatively light-weight and simple to use. To fasten an app, just drag and drop the executable file.

3. IObit Free

IObit Free

With IObit Free version, you may lock files, folders & apps. The device is accessible for gratis and it could lock down a particular app. On the first use, you need to set up a password-protected vault. As soon as done, you could region any app or folders in the vault.

4. Private Folder

Exclusive Folder

This is a further interesting tool that is capable of hiding private files, folders, and app. Within the Exclusive folder, you just have to set a password and upload the apps that you desire to lock. As soon as locked, you would like to go into the right password to liberate the files.

5. Folder Lock

Folder Lock

It is without doubt one of the finest Home windows 10 encryption equipment that you could use to protect your files and folders. The finest element about Folder Lock is that it could password guard your documents and folders on Windows 10. Now not just that, but Folder Lock also offers a private vault where you can shop your most important files, folders, apps, images, and nearly every other thing.

So, this is how you could lock apps in Windows 10 computer. If you know the other option to lock apps on PC, please share it with us in the comments. I hope this aid helped you! Please share it with your mates also.