How To Turn Off Autocorrect Or Predictive Text On Whatsapp Android and Ios

We all understand very well that mostly on many instances you have got written a WhatsApp message, and realized that you’ve written anything that you did not desire to write and send, as this clearly occurs due to the spell checker. Hence, when you are worn-out and want to get rid of it, then don’t worry, as here, we will show you all that how we will turn off autocorrect or predictive textual content on WhatsApp (both iOS and Android).

How To Turn Off Autocorrect or Predictive Text On WhatsApp (Android & iOS)

Many times you have written a WhatsApp message, and found out that you have written anything which you did not desire to write and send, as this genuinely occurs as a result of the spell checker.

As the rate at which we usually write, even while we walk, the spell checker can simply make at any time write certain words or terms that we did not want to write. Hence, to avert this, let’s show a way to disable the spell checker in WhatsApp.

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If sooner or later you’ve regarded deactivating the spell checker in WhatsApp, then let me make clear that the well known and the world’s so much used immediate messaging application, of course, WhatsApp does now not offer this option.

However, now if we communicate in regards to the spell checker, then it’s essentially a feature of our device, not the application itself, therefore, we are able to need to disable the spell checker from the settings of the cellular simply to remove it in WhatsApp. So, now with out losing a lot time let’s get began and easily discover the full tutorial that we’ve got outlined below.


  • If we have a cellular with the iOS operating system, all we have to do to disable the spell checker is simply pass to the method settings.
  • Then in the Popular option, genuinely entry the keyboard.
  • Once there, we will discover specific thoughts or changes among which we need to find Autocorrection.
  • Next to that alternative looks a slide change that’s the one that we have to slide to the off location genuinely to deactivate this option.
  • That’s it, now the above step will simply deactivate the auto-corrector in WhatsApp.
  • Now we can clearly return to the messaging application, of course, WhatsApp and confirm that we’ve got actually deactivated it or not.
  • That’s it now you are done.


  • But, when you have a device with Android operating process then nonetheless the process to disable the spell checker in WhatsApp is fairly similar.
  • To do this, genuinely we have to contact and open the Android settings.
  • Then we have to navigate during the ideas System –> language and text inputs.
  • Now we will discover the keyboard that we have configured in our device.
  • Then clearly we need to touch on it and then we are able to have got to seek for the option Predictive textual content or Writing and spell checker.
  • These ideas can vary from one device to another, based at the edition of Android, gadget manufacturer that we have, the keyboard we’re using and the interface of the company of our smartphone.
  • However, when we deactivate this feature in the process settings, we will find that the auto spell checker is already disabled.
  • That’s it now you are done.

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