How To Find Lost S Pen

Losing your S Pen can be a frustrating experience. Whether you use it for taking notes, drawing, or navigating your device, it’s an essential tool for Samsung Galaxy Note users. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you how to find lost S Pen using some simple tips and tricks.

Check Your Surroundings

The first thing you should do when you realize that your S Pen is missing is to check your surroundings. Look around your desk, couch, or any other place where you might have used your S Pen. It’s possible that you might have left it there accidentally.

Retrace Your Steps

If you still can’t find your S Pen, try retracing your steps. Think about the last time you used your S Pen and where you might have gone after that. Check your pockets, purse, or backpack. It’s possible that your S Pen might have fallen out while you were on the move.

Use Samsung’s Find My Mobile Service

If you still can’t find your S Pen, you can use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. This service allows you to locate your device remotely and even ring it to make it easier to find. To use this service, you’ll need to have a Samsung account and have Find My Mobile enabled on your device.

Use Bluetooth Locator Devices

Another option is to use Bluetooth locator devices like Tile or TrackR. These devices can be attached to your S Pen and will emit a loud sound when you activate them through your smartphone. This will help you locate your S Pen even if it’s hidden under a pile of books or clothes.

Ask Your Friends or Family

If you still can’t find your S Pen, ask your friends or family members if they have seen it. It’s possible that someone might have picked it up and put it somewhere else. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note, your S Pen is unique and cannot be used on other devices. So, it’s easy to identify whether your S Pen has been found or not.

Check Lost and Found

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t find your S Pen, check the lost and found section of your workplace, school, or any other place you might have visited. Someone might have found your S Pen and turned it in.


Q: How can I prevent losing my S Pen in the future?

A: You can prevent losing your S Pen by keeping it in a safe place when you’re not using it. You can also attach a keychain or strap to your S Pen to keep it secure.

Q: Can I use a different S Pen on my Samsung Galaxy Note?

A: No, you cannot use a different S Pen on your Samsung Galaxy Note. The S Pen is unique to each device and cannot be interchanged.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a lost S Pen?

A: The cost of replacing a lost S Pen depends on your device model. You can check with your local Samsung store or authorized service center for the exact cost.


Losing your S Pen can be a frustrating experience, but with these tips and tricks, you can find it quickly and easily. Remember to check your surroundings, retrace your steps, use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service, and ask your friends or family. You can also use Bluetooth locator devices or check the lost and found section. By following these steps, you’ll never have to worry about losing your S Pen again.