How To Fix Backpack Strap

Backpack straps can tear or break due to wear and tear, and it can be frustrating to have to retire a perfectly good backpack just because of a damaged strap. Fortunately, fixing backpack straps can be an easy and cost-effective solution. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix backpack straps in a few simple steps.

Identify the Problem

Before you can fix the backpack strap, you need to identify the problem. Is the strap torn? Is the buckle broken? Is the stitching coming undone? Knowing what needs fixing will help you determine the best way to fix it.

Replace the Buckle

If the buckle is broken, you can easily replace it. First, remove the old buckle and measure the width of the strap. Then, purchase a new buckle that matches the width of the strap. Finally, thread the strap through the new buckle and sew it in place.

Reinforce the Stitching

If the stitching is coming undone, you can reinforce it with a needle and thread. Start by knotting the thread and threading it through the needle. Then, sew along the torn area, making sure to stitch through both sides of the strap.

Use Duct Tape

If the tear is small, you can use duct tape as a temporary fix. Cut a piece of duct tape slightly larger than the tear and place it over the tear. Smooth out any air bubbles and press the tape firmly in place.

Replace the Strap

If the strap is beyond repair, you can replace it with a new strap. First, remove the old strap by cutting it off or removing any stitching. Then, measure the length and width of the old strap and purchase a new strap that matches those measurements. Finally, thread the new strap through the loops on the backpack and sew it in place.

FAQ: How to Fix Backpack Strap

Q: Can I use glue to fix the strap?


While glue can be a temporary fix, it is not recommended as a long-term solution. Glue can weaken over time and may not hold up to wear and tear.

Q: Can I fix the strap with a safety pin?


While a safety pin can hold the strap together temporarily, it is not a reliable long-term solution. The pin may come loose or damage the strap further.

Q: Can I sew the strap by hand?


Yes, you can sew the strap by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. Use a heavy-duty needle and strong thread to ensure a secure stitch.


Fixing backpack straps is an easy and cost-effective solution to a common problem. By identifying the problem and following these simple steps, you can extend the life of your backpack and avoid having to purchase a new one. Don’t let a damaged strap hold you back – fix it today with these easy tips on how to fix backpack strap.