How To Tune An Autoharp

Playing the autoharp can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to make sure your instrument is in tune. In this article, we will discuss how to tune an autoharp in a relaxed language that everyone can understand.

Why Tune an Autoharp?

Tuning your autoharp is crucial for producing good sound quality. A properly tuned autoharp will make it easier to play in tune with other musicians. If your autoharp is not tuned correctly, it will sound out of tune and may not be pleasant to listen to.

The First Step: Tuning the Chord Bars

The first step in tuning an autoharp is to make sure the chord bars are in tune. Start by pressing down on each chord bar and plucking the strings. If the notes sound out of tune, use a tuning wrench to adjust the pins on the chord bars until the notes are in tune. Repeat this process for all of the chord bars.

Tuning the Strings

Once the chord bars are in tune, it’s time to tune the strings. There are several methods for tuning the strings of an autoharp. One common method is to use an electronic tuner. Simply pluck each string and adjust the pins until the tuner indicates that the note is in tune. Another method is to use a pitch pipe or tuning fork. Play the note on the pitch pipe or tuning fork and then pluck the corresponding string. Adjust the pins until the string is in tune with the pitch pipe or tuning fork.

How Often Should You Tune Your Autoharp?

It’s important to tune your autoharp regularly. How often you should tune your autoharp depends on how frequently you play it and how often you change the strings. It’s a good idea to tune your autoharp before every playing session.


Q: How do I know if my autoharp is out of tune?

If your autoharp sounds out of tune, it probably is. You may also notice that chords that should sound good together sound dissonant instead.

Q: What if I can’t get my autoharp in tune?

If you’re having trouble tuning your autoharp, there are several resources available online that can help. You can also take your autoharp to a professional for tuning.

Q: How do I prevent my autoharp from going out of tune?

One way to prevent your autoharp from going out of tune is to store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or humidity. It’s also a good idea to change the strings regularly.


Tuning your autoharp is an important step in producing good sound quality. By following these steps and using the right tools, you can keep your autoharp in tune and enjoy playing it for years to come. Remember to tune your autoharp regularly and don’t be afraid to seek help if you’re having trouble.