10 Best Apps To Track Movies and Tv Shows On Android

Many matters have transitioned to their electronic variants over the past few years. For example, letters have changed to emails, paperbacks/hardcovers made manner for ebooks, or even track and movies were available by way of streaming services.

We have numerous apps and video streaming features accessible those days; some are free, whereas others require purchasing a top class subscription. With so much video content material today, it will become tough to maintain observe of movies/TV Indicates that we’ve got already watched.

Keeping track of flicks is essential because we have a tendency to forget the films we’ve watched previously. Let’s assume a situation, you have clicked a film name on Netflix, watched it for ten minutes, and found that you already watched it years ago.

List of 10 Best Apps to Track Movies & TV Suggests on Android

If you usually face such things, it’s finest to begin using the Film tracker apps for Android. With a Movie tracker app, you can easily add the name of the movie/TV show you have watched. Hence, during this article, we will share a list of the finest Android apps to track Movies & TV Shows. Let’s check out.

1) TV Time

TV Time is an Android app to maintain observe of the Films & TV Indicates you are watching or those you have already watched. It’s a full-fledged movie tracker app that will give you many useful features.

TV Time is likewise straightforward; to mark a movie/TV exhibit as seen, simply navigate to the video name and faucet on the Checkmark icon. This will mark the slow or film TV show as watched.

Other than that, TV Time is likewise ordinary for its sensible content material recommendation. The app analyzes the Movies & Indicates you’ve watched and ship you a customised recommendation.

2) Letterboxd

Well, Letterboxd is without doubt one of the best film tracker app that one can use on Android. This one is a social network for movie lovers.

With Letterboxd, you can effortlessly browse upcoming, new, and particularly rated files. To trace the films you have watched with Letterboxd, you need to open the Film web page and faucet on the plus icon to mark the name as seen.

Besides that, Letterboxd additionally provide you with a few other features, inclusive of the flexibility to cost the movies, write a review, and more.

3) JustWatch

JustWatch is a very distinct app at the list. It’s a streaming guide for movies and TV Shows. If you cannot determine what to watch next, you need to apply this app, because it lets you browse through a large choice of Films & TV indicates on one-of-a-kind streaming platforms.

JustWatch has over 90,000+ Films & TV Shows indexed with synopsis, cast, trailers, ratings, and VOD offers. Other than that, it additionally sends you indicators whenever famous streaming functions are accessible at discounted prices.

To observe Movies & TV Shows, you would like to create an account, switch to the Watchlist tab, choose Films or TV Indicates and mark them as seen.


Every film buff out there interpreting this text could already understand concerning the IMDB. IMDb is an internet database of data related to films, TV Series, video games, and different streamable content.

The web site is legendary for its particular ranking procedure that facilitates followers explore films & TV Shows and decide what to watch. The IMDb Android app has a feature that lets you observe the films you have already watched.

To add films to the Watchlist, you just ought to open the Movie name and tap on the Upload to Watchlist option. The identify would be added in your watchlist.

5) Moviebase

Moviebase is an all-in-one app that might help discover movie ratings, reviews, recommendations, movie trailers, etc. When compared with other apps at the list, Moviebase is lightweight and less difficult to use.

To keep observe of movies you have watched, you just have to upload the flicks to your Watchlist and mark the ones you’ve watched. The top class version of Moviebase additionally offers you some useful features, inclusive of coming into how long you have watched the movie.

6) CineTrak

CineTrak is a straightforward app at the list that you may use to trace the Films and Shows you’ve watched.

The app has an exquisite interface entirely built on Google’s Fabric design. If we communicate concerning the feature, CineTrak suggests you thousands of significant movies & TV Suggests such as the scores from noted assets inclusive of IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and more.

To upload films to your Watchlist, you just have to open the Movie or TV Show and faucet at the Upload to Watched option. The app will upload the name to your watched list.

7) SeriesGuide

If you are searching for a lightweight Android app to trace what you’ve seen so far, then look no other than SeriesGuide.

It’s an Android app that may help discover suggests and films to observe and hold observe of your watched movie titles. To trace movies you’ve seen, simply seek for the movie title at the seek bar, open the Movie web page and faucet at the Watched button.

This will instantly replace the film title for your Watched list. Overall, SeriesGuide is a good app to track films on Android.

8) Showly

Showly is an open-source movie & TV Exhibit tracking app that works with Trakt.TV Service. The app is entirely loose to down load and use, and it’s used to track the progress of the indicates & movies you’re watching.

Besides that, Showly additionally lets you browse and find the trending and most popular TV Indicates and movies. Overall, Showly is an excellent app for monitoring TV Indicates & Movies on Android.

9) Cinexplore

Although now not as famous as any other ones on the list; still, you could use Cinexplore to find and track films and TV Shows. The advantage of Cinexplore is that it allows you to discover new films and TV Shows that match your tastes.

If we talk about the movie monitoring features, Cinexplore enables you to keep observe of what you’re watching now and what you have already watched – all in one place.

To observe the film & TV Shows you’ve already watched, you would like to open the app, navigate to the movie/TV Exhibit page, and mark the title as watched.

10) Hobi

Hobi is one of the finest and so much interesting TV tracker apps on Android. The app is easy and lightweight, and it brings many enjoyable and valuable features for film lovers.

To track TV Suggests you’ve watched, you wish to open the Sequence data page, select the season, and assess each episode as you watch it.

The one-of-a-kind episode tracker of Hobi will show you your overall season progress in a bar. Overall, Hobi is a superb Film tracker app that one could have on Android.

So, those are some of the finest Movie & TV Show tracker apps accessible for Android smartphones. Many of the apps we’ve listed were available for free; however, you would possibly ought to create an account in some.